Celebrate your Employees

Foster a positive work environment, increase job satisfaction, and promote loyalty. Show your team they are valued with customized celebrations and rewards that highlight their achievements and contributions. Elevate your company culture and drive engagement by celebrating your employees today!


Harald Lavric

5/21/20242 min read

Hello, nice that you found this article. I hope you are also a boss or manager and responsible for your employees. When was the last time you celebrated your employees? Or do you also belong to the bosses who say that not complaining is enough praise?

Seriously, I am very aware that as a boss or manager, you bear a great deal of responsibility and are therefore, of course, a very important person. But who carries out the tasks that are done in your company or business?

Exactly, the employees.

Let's put ourselves in their shoes. As an employee, you are of course happy to have been hired and to receive regular payment for the work done. But a job should never just consist of work and money. Money is known to be a very bad motivator and as an employee, you are usually very quickly unmotivated, if you don't enjoy doing your daily work.

This is of course a point that the boss or superior can influence to a large extent. And no, being friendly to employees doesn't cost anything and doesn't hurt.

Do it!

This usually leads to an improvement in the atmosphere of the team because the boss is friendly and you feel well treated. In the service area, the customer should be treated with the highest degree of respect and friendliness, and problems that might arise are identified in advance and addressed with the customer so that the customer has the perfect customer experience.

But how do we act with our employees? Do we value our employees as much as our customers? Or do we see employees only as workers?

These are the DOs of being a good employer whose employees love to work for:

- Plan time slots to meet with each employee regularly

- Celebrate your employee (but don’t celebrate what isn’t to be celebrated)

- Talk about problems

- Find solutions so both of you can do a perfect job to help the business grow

Do you lack the time to examine and improve your processes, to train your employees or do you need measures such as team building (don't worry, I don't do outdoor team building)? Then feel free to contact me and I will be happy to support you in taking your team or employees to the next level so that you can then cheer for them too.