RFP Consulting for Bidders

Bid Smart, Win Big – Tailored Strategies for Every RFP

Navigating the Request for Proposal (RFP) process can be a pivotal step for businesses looking to secure new projects and opportunities.

What is an RFP?

An RFP is a formal document issued by businesses or organizations to solicit proposals from potential suppliers or service providers. It invites you to compete for a project by demonstrating how your offerings meet the issuer's needs.

Key Steps in the RFP Process for Bidders with GRIFFOX
  1. RFP Identification and Assessment: GRIFFOX helps you identify and assess RFPs that align with your strengths and business goals. We provide a clear understanding of each RFP’s deliverables and requirements.

  2. Checklist Creation: We create a detailed checklist for each RFP, highlighting key aspects and requirements. This tool helps you prioritize RFPs effectively, ensuring you focus on opportunities with the highest potential for success.

  3. Proposal Development: GRIFFOX supports you in developing a compelling proposal. We address all RFP points, highlight your unique strengths, and differentiate you from competitors. Our process includes incorporating your feedback and ensuring every proposal is polished and submitted on time.

  4. Post-Submission Support: After submitting your proposal, we assist with any follow-up actions required by the RFP issuer, including responding to queries and preparing for any subsequent presentations or negotiations.

By partnering with GRIFFOX, you gain the advantage of our 20+ years of experience in navigating complex RFP processes, enhancing your chances of securing valuable projects.

Our Responsibility

RFP Identification and Analysis

We meticulously search for RFPs that match your business needs, breaking them down into clear objectives, requirements, evaluation criteria, and submission guidelines. Our team drafts the RFP response, ensuring alignment with your goals.

Proposal Development Process

Our experts develop a detailed proposal timeline, assign responsibilities, and set strategic deadlines. A comprehensive checklist ensures all RFP requirements are seamlessly integrated into the proposal.

Writing and Design

Leveraging your corporate branding, past proposals, and specific inputs like company descriptions and resumes, we craft proposals that stand out. Each proposal features a compelling executive summary to highlight your key strengths and differentiators.

Quality Control and Compliance

Through rigorous reviews, we ensure each proposal aligns with the RFP’s strategic objectives. Quality control checks guarantee the proposal is error-free, well-organized, and professionally presented.

Submission Oversight

We ensure that each proposal not only meets all requirements but also is submitted punctually, enhancing your chance of success.

Timely Communication

Promptly provide detailed information regarding your interests and requirements.

Essential Information Submission

Includes company details, corporate design guidelines, references, past proposals, product/service pricing, and necessary certificates and licenses.

Feedback and Approval

Review developed proposals, provide feedback, and approve by signing and sending us a digital copy for submission.

Deadline Compliance

Submit all required information at least 10 working days before the solicitation deadline.

Your Responsibility

Pricing Model

Monthly Subscription

Basis Fee

Success Fee

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For a monthly fee of $69, access essential services like initial consultations, RFP portal registrations, identification of suitable RFPs, and regular updates.

A flat rate of $750 per RFP covers initial analysis, strategy development, proposal preparation, and more.

Charged only when a proposal is awarded, this fee is 1% of the total contract value, capped at a combined maximum of 2.5% of the contract volume.

Compliance Check and Proofreading

Offered at a fixed price per engagement, ensuring your proposal meets all compliance standards.

Additional Support

Should you require further assistance, GRIFFOX provides comprehensive services in business management consulting, leadership development, corporate training, and more. Whether it’s managing large budgets, implementing process frameworks, or navigating organizational changes, GRIFFOX is equipped to enhance your business capabilities.

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